Friday, 15 July 2011


it's been ages since the last time aku post the new entry.

bagi yang tak tau ape yang sudah berlaku kat aku...mmmmhhh....meh aku cter. ni hah. gare2 *ceh* aku masuk KMS ni aku tak leh ah nak post the new entry dalam BLOG kesayangan aku ni. 

dah berHABOK dah blog huduh aku ni. buat followers sekalian ni dah aku nak post new entry ni. harap korang mmbace ye!!

tapi sori lah guys aku cume dapat share bukan *share* sangat ah....cume 10 days challenges. this challenge i do want credit it to amirah asyeeqin

but this one is a bit different from hers. 

Day 01- Recent pictures of me and my new frens in KMS
Day 02- 15 interesting things going on KMS
Day 03- The GOOD and BAD things in KMS
Day 04- Goals for the month and the upcoming months. WHY??
Day 05- Something that i may proud to be here
Day 06- The things i always do here not included STUDYING
Day 07- The uniqueness of KMS
Day 08- Other sort of things that i think interesting/entertaining to share
Day 09- Things i can do when there's leisure time
Day 10- In this month and upcoming months in KMS, what have/ may i learn?

budak KMS yang gile

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